Before we dig deep into what’s better and compare its pro’s and cons lets first understand the difference between the two. A nursing health care staffing agency is also known as a search, hiring or staff company or service. It is an organization that deals with companies and job seekers. By registering with a staff agency, the organization has the ability to make contact with many hiring managers who want to find the right people for the opening of their jobs. While, Inhouse hiring is handled by your employees, where your dedicated HR team members work as internal employers. They are your full-time employees, and you are responsible for providing them with an agreed salary and other employee benefits.

Why use a nursing agency?

While healthcare companies continue to grow at lightning speed, the number of skilled workers continues to decline. Organizations face a severe shortage of skilled workers in strategic areas that are critical to the success and growth of their company.

Many organizations look beyond their traditional ways of finding people who can be seduced by the department through media advertisements, job shows and internal transfers. Many turn to search firms to help them attract and hire top talent. A personnel agency brings benefits to an organization with knowledge and expertise in a particular type of employment.

Why use an internal recruitment team?

Being a dedicated resource and a full time employee assigned with targets and specified tasks they are understood to focus more towards organizations goals and try to cut corners and save money wherever possible. The challenge which is faced by inhouse recruitment team is that they may not necessarily have the expertise and experience in analysing a particular role, hence at times an agency may be beneficial.

Why Pay for This Service?

In any scenario a company ends up paying a fee to agency as per the contractual obligation and a salary to inhouse employee. The biggest question asked by many organizations is why? Why should I pay over and above to get an employee to work for me? The answer is simple – it costs effective.

Finding an employee comes at great cost, including:

• Advertising campaigns

• Hiring

• Pre-election candidates

• Facilitating conversations

• Coordinating and paying travel and transport costs (in some cases)

Most importantly, the process is based on the productivity of your employees. Also, even after investing all your time and money, you may still receive a phone call from a candidate, refusing your offer.

What Makes It Successful?

Easy. Search firms quickly identify potential candidates. In some cases, candidates are tested on their skill sets to ensure the strength and qualification of the position. In addition, a variety of related services can be provided, such as:

• Reliable checks

• Salary confirmation

• Travel arrangements and discussions

• Expected confirmation of remuneration

In most cases, this removes the conversation and denies the offer! Important time-consuming activities do not consume your day; instead, your system is open to handle other issues that need your attention.

What Should You Look for in a Search Company?

The process starts with you, on behalf of the organization, choosing the right search company to meet your needs. Many search firms specialize in certain areas, such as CNA, STNA, RN, ST etc. Often, strong search consultants are experienced in the specialties they work in. It is always refreshing to talk to someone who understands your staff needs and can provide you with market trends, such as salary levels and the availability of qualified students in your area.

But the relationship goes beyond finding candidates to question. Seek out your search company consultant to provide you with ongoing tracking progress toward your new hiring.

While many appointments tend to be long-term relationships between employees and employers, changes often occur for a variety of reasons. Many search firms offer guaranteed time to protect companies from disappointing placements, so be sure to discuss policy and financial agreements before starting your preferred search.

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